Hair Braiding Instructions on DVD!

Learn how to braid Micro Braids, Kinky Twists, Cornrows and Weaves with our instructional hair braiding DVD’s. Braid the hair of your friends and family. You could even start your very own hair braiding business right out of your own home! Our DVD’s will show you everything you need to know to braid hair! We will show you:

  • How to prepare before you start braiding
  • The tools you need to complete the job
  • The reason why finger positioning is so extremely important
  • The proper way to make parts even
  • Different techniques to apply synthetic hair
  • Srategies for professional finishing touches
  • Tips and techniques for adding hair extensions
  • The keys to make your cornrows straight
  • How long the styles should last
  • Plus much more

We currently offer the following DVD’s:

Cornrows: Learn how to make perfect cornrows. This DVD will show you everything you need to know including how to ensure the cornrows are straight. Learn more…

Micro Braids: Learn how to braid beautiful, perfect Micro Braids that are completely even every time. Learn more…

Kinky Twists: Instructions on how to braid Kinky twists. We will show you different technicues how to apply the synthetic hair. Read more…

Weaves: This DVD provides step by step instructions how to do Weaves. It also oncludes instructions how to apply syntetic hair. Read more…

Cornrow Compilation: This includes everything that is included in the Cornrows DVD, but also shows you how to braid No-Knot Cornrows and Cornrows with extensions. Read more…

Four braid styles in one: Save money by ordering Micro Braids, Kinky Twists, Cornrows and Weaves all on one DVD! Read more…

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